Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Landscaping with Roses in Boise, Nampa, Eagle, Meridian, Idaho

The rose has long been popular because of their beauty and fragrance.  They remain a very popular plant because most varieties are hardy and long lasting.  The great thing about roses besides being a fairly low maintenance perennial is that they are at home in so many different landscapes.  

Roses are available in shrub form or climbers, tall and short varieties, and work well in containers.  So whether your landscape is formal, cottage, rustic, or contemporary, you can find a variety of rose that will fit right in.

Before you decide on planting a rose bush, you need to consider where you want to grow it and make sure that the variety you are considering will thrive in that environment.  It is better to find a rose variety that will flourish where you want it rather than fall in love with a certain kind of rose and then find out that it will require more sun or shelter than the spot you have for it will provide resulting in a high maintenance problem.

We have compiled the following versatile ways that you can use roses in your landscape:

Garden Beds

Arches and Trellis





Small Spaces

When you know where you want to plant roses then you can run through a checklist and make sure the variety will meet the requirements for that environment.  Some things to consider beyond color and style:  

1.  Is it hardy and does it grow well in the zone in which you live? 

2.  Is it tolerant of soil conditions or will you regularly have to amend the soil to accommodate it?  

3.  Is it disease resistant or will you have to commit to a regular spray schedule?  

4.  Will it need pruning?  

5.  How tall or wide will it be at maturity?  

6.  How much sun does it require?  

7.  Will it require the same amount of water as the plants that will share a bed with it?  

8.  Does it bloom once a year or several times during the season?

Once you have selected the variety that works well for your environment then you can select one based upon your color preference.  Make sure you follow the directions for proper installation and follow up care.

Another great aspect to roses is that they aren’t just for your enjoyment outside but they are a great flower for cutting and bringing inside to enjoy as a beautiful arrangement.  In order to make your roses last a long time inside make sure that you cut the stem again just prior to placing in your chosen container.  Cut the stems under warm tap water at a 45-degree angle with a sharp blade.  Make sure the container or vase is clean, bacteria can reduce the life of your rose.  Fill the container with warm water and change the water, re-cutting the stems, every couple of days to promote water uptake.  If possible keep your vase or container out of direct sun and in a cool room.

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