Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Landscaping to Conceal an Air Conditioning Unit in Boise, Nampa, Eagle, Meridian, Idaho

Air conditioning units are a necessary piece of equipment in the world we live in today, especially on those hot summer days in the Treasure Valley, but they can also be an unsightly intrusion in one’s outdoor space.  Today our blog will focus on how to landscape around an air conditioning unit in order to conceal it. 
Before we talk about some creative ways to conceal the unit we must consider the best conditions for keeping the air conditioner running efficiently and effectively.  Any landscaping will need to provide adequate space for airflow as well as maintenance on the unit.  This means that the unit needs to be given at least 2-3 ft clearance on all sides as well as at least 5 ft of clearance from above.  It also means that we avoid planting trees that are fruit or pod bearing near the unit in order to keep debris out of the unit.
With these considerations in mind, we have compiled some great ideas on concealing your air conditioning unit. 

Trees and Shrubs:  Narrow or slow growing trees and shrubs are your best choice for this type of landscaping.  Evergreens make an ideal selection because they won’t require the additional work of keeping the unit clear of dropping leaves.  When planting trees or shrubs make sure to take into consideration the size it will reach at maturity.

Containers:  Containers are a great choice around air conditioning units because they can be moved when it needs service.  Containers are also flexible in allowing you to plant everything from edibles to tall plants as well as let you plan for the changing seasons. Ornamental grasses work well because there are many tall growing varieties that will conceal as well as look beautiful in elongated containers.  Make sure that you choose hardy plants that won’t wilt from the hot air blowing from the unit.

Trellises:  Trellises are a great choice for hiding an A/C unit as well as providing vertical interest.  There are all sorts of climbing varieties of plants such as ivy, honeysuckle, clematis, and roses that could provide the coverage needed as well as aesthetic appeal. 

Fencing:  Fencing off an air conditioner can be done with traditional fencing materials such as wood or vinyl fencing as long as air flow isn’t restricted.  Lattice makes a great choice for surrounding the unit and can also be used as a trellis for vegetation.  You can also make creative use of old shutters by painting them and using them as privacy fencing around the unit.   

Water Features:  Water features can be used to conceal the noise of an air conditioner unit near a patio or deck as well as provide a focal point that draws the eye.

Besides concealing the air conditioning unit, landscaping can provide shade from the sun which will keep the temperature of the unit down so that it doesn’t have to expend so much energy to cool your home which will result in lower utility bills. 
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