Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Benefits of Birdscaping in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and Eagle, Idaho.

In past blogs, we have talked about birdscaping, which focuses on how to create a landscape that will naturally attract and benefit our feathered friends.  Today we’d like to examine some of the reasons why birdscaping is more than a great idea and some of the ways you can provide for their most basic needs.

As society has moved away from our agrarian roots, we have lost sight of many of the benefits that birds can have for our yards and gardens.  Despite the fact that birds will occasionally steal some fruits or seeds, they are actually considered to be protectors of crops and a natural way to control insects.  

Birds play an important role in balancing the ecosystem, keeping insect populations from exploding and damaging your plants and gardens.  Different birds have different ways of foraging, some seek out insects in trees and under bark, others feed on ground-dwelling insects, and some are able to catch and eat flying insects.  More birds around means fewer mosquitoes, grasshoppers, ants, slugs, and other pests to contend with which also means less use of insecticides.   Not only are they beneficial for insect control but some birds will supplement their diet with weeds such as crabgrass and ragweed. 

If you live in the city or in a suburb, you may not naturally have a lot of birds in your yard but there are ways you can make your landscaping more attractive to birds.  The first thing you can do is provide for a bird’s most basic necessities, food, water, and shelter.

Food – Bird feeders come in many shapes and sizes are readily available to purchase in stores and online.  Having a bird feeder that is squirrel proof is highly advantageous in most areas.  Bird feeders should be well stocked mid-winter through spring, when natural food sources are hard to find.  This will also encourage nesting nearby.  When the weather warms up, you can decrease the amount of food you put out which will encourage them to find the pests in your yard and garden.

Shelter – Because different birds have different nesting habits, you can encourage nesting by planting species of trees and shrubs that are native to your area as well as by installing a bird house.  Evergreens are a popular choice because they provide shelter all the year through. 

Water – Birds need an ample source of water, especially in the summer heat.  Providing a bird bath or a garden pond will definitely attract more feathered friends to your yard.  Birdbaths should not be put out in open spaces but rather in sheltered spots, such as at ground level in a garden or on a pedestal among the trees.  This will not only help protect the birds from predators but will also help keep the water cool and lessen evaporation.  Birdbaths that are made out of natural or rough materials work much better than smooth materials like glass or metal which tend to be slippery.  Birds not only need water to drink from but also need water to bathe in and keep their feathers clean.  Make sure to change the water often to discourage mosquitoes. 

At Organic Solutions! Inc., we are committed to doing our very best to help the environment as well as create a space that you and the birds can enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to meet with one of our experienced professionals to create a bird friendly landscape.  We can be reached by, phone, 208-884-8986, by email,, or through our website,

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