Monday, December 16, 2019

December pruning tips for your Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and Nampa, Idaho landscape

It’s December and you may be wondering if it is too late in the season to do some annual pruning.  In actuality this is a good time to prune, especially before the winter snow storms begin to fall in the Treasure Valley. 

What should you prune now?

Remove dead limbs on trees – This is especially important to do before heavy snow or ice can build up and create a dangerous situation.

Roses – winter and early spring are the best time to prune back roses when they are in their dormant stage.  But if your shrub roses are overgrown you may want to cut back 2 to 4 inches of canes before the snow falls.  Then after a few good freezes prune the roses as needed.  Pruning roses too early could trigger new growth.

Perennials that are prone to diseases – Cut back 2 to 4 inches of growth on perennials such as hollyhocks, peony, and garden phlox.

Suckers – Those plants and shrubs that send up shoots around the base of the original plant.  Remove suckers whenever you spot them, cutting as close to the base of the original plant as possible.

With the holidays fast approaching you may also want to prune a few branches from your evergreens, berried trees/bushes, or other bare branches or twigs that you could use to create holiday decorations.  Just make sure to be careful where you prune as the cuts will influence future growth. 

 At Organic Solutions! Inc., we can simplify your life and perform the tasks necessary to help you have a beautiful and vibrant landscape all year long.  If you would like to schedule pruning, contact us today, by phone, 208-884-8986, by email,, or through our website,

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